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Tel: 701-235-5912

2761 Leahy AveFargoND 58103, USA


The first step in ensuring a safe, transportation experience doesn't begin the moment you step onto one of our buses. The key to consistently safe and reliable travel begins in our onsite professional maintenance facility.

Trained and certified technicians bring decades of cumulative experience in commercial transportation safety and diesel technology. The combination of education and experience creates a technical foundation that Valley Bus is proud to be built upon.

Some of the most effective examinations that a vehicle at Valley Bus is subject to are those done each day, each time the bus is to be operated. A preliminary inspection is done by each driver to insure that no detail goes unnoticed. A check of the tires, lights, safety systems, the physical condition of the bus or coach as well as a line of sight check on the underbody is done before every trip.

Each bus and motor coach travels thousands of miles each year. In accordance with this, each unit is on a mile-dependent maintenance schedule. Regular full-service intervals are essential for each bus and coach under our roof.

Cleanliness and sanitation are a concern with any type of commercial transportation. Valley Bus prides itself on industry-leading practices and schedules. It is guaranteed that each time you board a Valley Bus coach, it will have been individually hand-cleaned and sanitized. Not only will it be freshly washed and gleaming on the outside, but every seat, restroom, window and isle is assured to be in showroom condition.

Valley Bus school buses also receive daily attention to cleanliness to detail. In conjunction with daily cleaning, each summer, the seats are unbolted and removed from each and every bus. This allows the level of cleaning and sanitation that makes Valley Bus an industry leader.

Providing a safe and clean travel environment for our customers is a result of tireless daily maintenance to our fleet. At Valley Bus we know the details make all the difference.