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Tel: 701-235-5912

2761 Leahy AveFargoND 58103, USA

Partnering with Valley Bus is a safe and economical transportation solution for any school district. The costs and concerns for a school district to sustain a bus fleet can be avoided. With Valley Bus you will no longer have to buy new buses, maintain current units, deal with routing issues or recruit and train drivers.

With Valley Bus you will benefit from:

     -The best in transportation safety programs

     -Friendly and passionate drivers and personnel

     -Time-tested performance and reliability

    -Substantial financial savings


The safety of our passengers is our top priority. Our employees from our drivers to our maintenance professionals ensure uphold our safety values through all levels of our business.

     -Continuous driver training and education

     -Pre-operational bus safety inspections

     -Child Reminder System

     -GPS bus-tracking technology

     -Comprehensive bus maintenance schedule

Professional Personnel

Our employees are the foundation of Valley Bus. Their dedication to safety and professionalism create the cornerstone of our business. Just as school buses have to meet some of the most stringent regulations, so do our employees, ensuring your students safety.

     -Industry-leading driver safety training

     -Continued employee instruction

     -Pre-employment background checks

     -Employee recognition programs

Performance and Reliability

Taking students from their homes to your school’s hallways safely and reliably is Valley Buses’ first priority. With the latest in technology optimization and maintenance strategies, we pride ourselves on being proactive in every area of our business.

     -Real-time GPS bus tracking

     -Regularly scheduled bus maintenance

     -Electronic Child Reminder System

     -Pre-route bus inspections

Financial Benefits

Partnering with Valley Bus will place your school district at the front of a rapidly growing trend. As increased funding pressures fall onto districts, a partnership with a transportation company will ensure that your values of safety, quality and reliability continue without the financial disadvantages of funding your own aging fleet of buses.

     -Competitive and predictable pricing

     -No surprise maintenance or replacement costs

     -Current and up-to-date equipment

     -Keep your district’s dollars in the classroom