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2761 Leahy AveFargoND 58103, USA

Ever-evolving technology is always changing the way we keep our passengers safe and informed. From on-board multi-camera systems to GPS real-time tracking, we are consistently updating our fleet to provide a variety of the newest innovations in safety equipment and devices.

Bus Tracking

Using the latest Synovia GPS tracking technology in our buses, we are able to track our fleet with real-time precision. The question of “Where is the bus?” will never go without a concrete answer. There is never a moment when we don’t know the exact location of each and every one of our units.

On-Board Video Recording

Comprehensive Seon digital video recording coverage assures the safety of every student and every passenger. A record of students loading, unloading and their actions while onboard are continuously kept. Rest assured that all activity on our buses is recorded to assure the quality of the environment.

Constant Radio Communication

Communication is key in any industry, and with the safety of our passengers on the line it is never more so. Weather issues, route changes and student updates are always just seconds away. Lines between our fleet and our office are always open.

Child Reminder System

Each school bus is equipped with a reminder system that forces our drivers to meticulously walk the length of the bus each time the ignition is turned off. This is just another device to assure that each and every student is right where he or she needs to be.